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moving/copying statements to other items
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At wikidata it is possible to move sitelinks to another item, but it would be great if that would also be possible with statements. And additional it would be great to copy statements to other items.

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+1 on the need for this.

As WD statements become ever more extended, accumulating qualifiers, references, rankings etc, it becomes more and more of a pain to execute if/when a statement has to be moved from one item to a different item. At the moment it requires wholescale re-creation by hand of the original statement.

It would be very very valuable simply to be able to cut-and-paste or copy-and-paste statements from one item to another.

It's rare that Wikidata is significantly more tiresome to edit that Wikitext, but this is a clear case.

I challenge the triage of this task as "low priority" -- I don't believe that assessment matches the views and wishes of editors who actually work on data. Compare for example the sarcasm implicit in his comment when User:Jura related this assessment recently at Wikidata project chat.

I think this should start out as a gadget to see if/how this can be done best.

XXN raised the priority of this task from Low to Medium.Jul 21 2017, 11:29 AM
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Set normal priority, per Jheald's comment above and actual WD community needs and visions.

Personally, I support implementing such a feature. But, if this will be included directly in core, probably there should be some limitations per user groups/experience, which should be discussed first.

I'm okay with and strongly support implementing this feature in a gadget, either by creating a new one or including it in a exsting one as suggested in T103270: Feature: moving claims using Move.js.

It's easy to move simple item-datatype statements from one item to another, especially if there are many of these (using PetScan).

For more complex statements (including those with references), it's just a pointless burden.

Personally, I tend to let sit statements on the wrong items (the person who added them might eventually fix their work).

Having stolen some code from Move.js, I wrote moveClaim.js, which allows moving claims across items. Let me know what you think.