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Usability: Primary button (save) on beta features page has lower visual weight (=attention) than other, secondary widgets, like checkboxes
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Story: As a user, I want to know intuitively where essential actions can be triggered so I can conclude an action – like activating a beta feature

Assumed Problem: The save button on the beta page is a standard html button (usually black-on-gray design) while all other elements are in OOUI design, with colors and strong contrasts. Thus, the essential save action is less visible then all the secondary actions:

Proposed solution Switching the save button to OOUI design.

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This will be solved automatically once T117781: Convert Special:Preferences to OOUI is done. Maybe we should focus on getting this ugly preference a new look instead of fixing small things ;)

@Ladsgroup already pointed out the right path forward. If for any reason T117781 might get stuck, we could revisit this.