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Impossible to add descriptions in Greek language to some items
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It's not possible to add a description to some items in Greek language.
Reported items: Q3263449, Q352940 and Q28459566.
Tested it with Q3263449, tried to add Γιος του βασιλιά Φιλίππου Β' and it failed with the message that it's an invalid value.
Tested it with the ApiSandbox and that reported the following error: Malformed input: \u0393\u03b9\u03bf\u03c2 \u03c4\u03bf\u03c5 \u03b2\u03b1\u03c3\u03b9\u03bb\u03b9\u03ac \u03a6\u03b9\u03bb\u03af\u03c0\u03c0\u03bf\u03c5 \u0392'
Maybe related to T161263