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Unneeded extra whitespace shown on some articles
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On a lot of whitespace is generated in VE, due to templates that put a label on an image (map), as noted on the feedback page
This needs to be fixed before VE can go live on nlwiki by default.

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This is a specific case of T107745, it's possible we can solve this problem without doing the entire thing, maybe before 2020 ;) especially if it's okay to require minor wikitext changes to do so.

For reference, the issue here looks like this:

image.png (968×1 px, 316 KB)

The problematic wikitext:

<div style="position: relative;">
[[Bestand:BlankMapTurkeyProvinces.png|550px|Kaart bestuurlijke indeling Turkije]]

{{Afbeelding label|x=0.342|y=0.188|scale=550|text=<small>[[Ankara (provincie)|Ankara]]</small>}}
{{Afbeelding label|x=0.1|y=0.066|scale=550|text=<small>[[Kırklareli (provincie)|Kırklareli]]</small>}}
{{Afbeelding label|x=0.018|y=0.092|scale=550|text=<small>[[Edirne (provincie)|Edirne]]</small>}}
{{Afbeelding label|x=0.822|y=0.256|scale=550|text=<small>[[Muş (provincie)|Muş]]</small>}}
{{Afbeelding label|x=0.928|y=0.284|scale=550|text=<small>[[Van (provincie)|Van]]</small>}}
{{Afbeelding label|x=0.948|y=0.348|scale=550|text=<small>[[Hakkâri (provincie)|Hakkâri]]</small>}}

The white space is caused by "slugs", which exist to allow users to insert paragraphs between things. In this case, VE inserts a slug between each of these label templates, which is technically correct but rather unhelpful. (I'll also note that the individual label templates are not easily editable.)

I spoke to @AdHuikeshoven at the Wikimedia-Hackathon-2017, and suggested that instead of the opening <div style="position: relative;"> and closing </div>, they use a pair of templates that insert this. This would probably be an improvement for wikitext editors (who will see the Dutch equivalent of {{label begin}}/{{label end}} instead of fairly complicated English-language HTML syntax), and it will allow VisualEditor to handle this in a nicer manner, since it'll cause the entire set of templates to be treated as a single "transclusion" with a dialog to edit it. This is similar to how we handle table begin/row/end templates, as in e.g. this article:,_Belgium.

(Normally we discourage such begin/end templates, since the transclusion interface is not great for editing large amounts of text, but in this case it even this would be an improvement over the current behavior.)