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VP9 video transcodes fail under Jessie-based MediaWiki-Vagrant
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Under the new Jessie-based MediaWiki-Vagrant VM, I'm getting failures when enabling WebM VP9 transcodes for TimedMediaHandler:

ffmpeg: /tmp/buildd/libvpx-1.3.0/vp9/encoder/vp9_encodeframe.c:1747: rd_pick_partition: Assertion `tp_orig < *tp' failed.

As I recall from this coming up with some older packages in T103335 we expected this to be fixed by an updated ffmpeg backport or something...

ffmpeg is linked (through libavcodec57) to libvpx1 (1.3.0); there's also a libvpx3 on the system (1.5.0-2~wm2) which should contain the fixes.

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Is fine on stretch, which is now current.