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Mention genfixes in edit summary
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Currently the default edit summary is

<foobar> using [[WP:AWB|AWB]]

When genfixes are enabled, it would be much better if the edit summary instead read

<foobar>, and [[WP:GENFIXES|general fixes]] using [[WP:AWB|AWB]]

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The extra text should only be added if the general fixes have made a change somewhere, not if they were merely enabled. I currently switch the edit summary dropdown after reviewing the diff of every edit, to choose between "Typo fixing, replaced: foo → bar" if there are no general fixes and "Typo/[[WP:AWB/GF|general]] fixes, replaced: foo → bar" if there are some.

Would the extra text be visible in the edit summary box, and therefore editable before I click "Save", or would it be stuck on automatically in the same way as "using AWB"? I sometimes undo the general fixes to simplify the diff, particularly if my typo fix needs explaining in the edit summary, so I would need to be able to remove the "and general fixes" part.

I'm not sure that the extra text should start with "comma + and", as there will be cases where this spoils the sense of the rest of the edit summary. I haven't thought of a good solution to this. One example using the current software: I give some of my typo fixes the edit summary "replaced: foo → bar - in a quote, but I'm assuming this was a copying error" - and I have to remember to append punctuation so that it doesn't say "...a copying error using AWB", which isn't what I meant.

I agree that we should only have a mention of genfixes in the edit summary if genfixes are done.

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