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gerritbot doesn't add comment/patch-for-review when User:Ladsgroup creates patch in Gerrit
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In the past couple of weeks, without any exception, when I make a patch, gerritbot doesn't add a comment in the related phab card.
Even though it reports when they get merged.
Here are some examples:

@Paladox says gerritbot doesn't have any problems and it seems my account in gerrit is broken somehow. I have no idea why or how.

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Aklapper renamed this task from gerrit hates User:Ladsgroup to gerritbot doesn't add comment/patch-for-review when User:Ladsgroup creates patch in Gerrit.Mar 28 2017, 12:05 PM
Aklapper edited projects, added GerritBot; removed Gerrit.
This comment was removed by Paladox.

Any update on this? It's really annoying

My guess is this has been broken by - the timing matches roughly, and that's the last username-related change. Maybe something does not like spaces in the username.

Or maybe $author-username is problematic? There is no guarantee the author email can be resolved to a gerrit username.

gerritbot doens't like me either, AFAICT

Change 350451 had a related patch set uploaded (by Paladox):
[operations/puppet@production] Gerrit: Fix bot since i forgot to rename a variable

Paladox triaged this task as High priority.Apr 26 2017, 5:45 PM

More then 2 users have reported this now.

Change 350451 merged by Dzahn:
[operations/puppet@production] Gerrit: Fix bot by removing if part

It should be fixed now as i tested on a change of @Ladsgroup which would not work for me before. I will keep this open for a day or two then close as resolved if no one replies saying it still dosen't work :)

@Ladsgroup could you retry just to confirm that it's working for you please? :)

Sure, but I haven't finished anything as a patch for today. I usually make one or two every day so don't worry.

Works for me as well, thanks.