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Oauth for PAWS fails - presumably because of username change
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I cannot login to PAWS via Oauth anymore, presumably because I just got my username changed (Fabian_Flöck to FaFlo) - since it stopped working immediately after.

I get redirected to the Oauth page, but after hitting "allow" I just get a 502 Bad Gateway after a while.

FWIW, Oauth still works fine with other applications after the username change.

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Yes, paws locally save username at the first login. Thé new name broke it.

Is T136114 related?

You can use the central user ID (the sub field of the identifying JWT) as a more stable identifier.

so, is there a solution? sounds like a quick fix would be replacing the name in the paws record. I would also be fine with my user being deleted from paws and to then do a new first login (I don't have anything important on there yet).

can you try It's a new installation of PAWS (you get to keep all your old files!). I'll switch out the URL in a couple days if it goes well :)

FaFlo claimed this task.

Seems to work - thanks :)