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add support for MW_INSTALL_PATH to cargo maintenance scripts
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adds discovery and usage for environment setting "MW_INSTALL_PATH" to cargo's maintenance scripts

  • cargoRecreateData.php
  • setCargoFileData.php
  • setCargoPageData.php

use current inclusion of /maintenance/Maintenance.php as fallback, if MW_INSTALL_PATH is not set

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some people (me, for instance :)) do not use a directory below the mediawiki core directory as extensions directory. in my case, for example, i have a symbolic link named "extensions" pointing to a directory "parallel" to the core software directory:

mediawiki/extensions -> ../_extensions

normally, as a "fix" extensions allow to set the environment variable MW_INSTALL_PATH to help them discovery the mw core software directory. as of now, cargo lacks this support. aims to correct that.

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