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Add Portal (and Portal talk) namespaces to Ladino Wikipedia
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Community did not object to this proposal (discussion at lad:La Kavané). Namespaces in local language are Portal, Diskusyón de Portal. Thank you.

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Urbanecm triaged this task as Low priority.

Change 345647 had a related patch set uploaded (by Urbanecm):
[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Add NS100 (Portal) to ladwiki

Will be deployed at April 10 between 13:00-14:00 UTC.

Correction: I overlooked full deployment week. The change will be deployed sooner, at April 3 13:00-14:00 UTC.

Change 345647 merged by jenkins-bot:
[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Add NS100 (Portal) to ladwiki

I fixed a few links:

$ mwscript namespaceDupes.php --wiki=ladwiki --fix
id=6281 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Komunidad -> Portal:Komunidad (no conflict)
id=17220 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Meksiko -> Portal:Meksiko (no conflict)
2 pages to fix, 2 were resolvable.

pagelinks from=6038 ns=0 dbk=Vikipedya:Buenas_venidas -> Vikipedya:Buenas_venidas
pagelinks from=6104 ns=0 dbk=Vikipedya:Buenas_venidas -> Vikipedya:Buenas_venidas
pagelinks from=6352 ns=0 dbk=Vikipedya:Kómo_meldar_i_eskrivir -> Vikipedya:Kómo_meldar_i_eskrivir
pagelinks from=7724 ns=0 dbk=Vikipedya:Kómo_meldar_i_eskrivir_(por_los_Hispanohablantes) -> Vikipedya:Kómo_meldar_i_eskrivir_(por_los_Hispanohablantes)
pagelinks from=9768 ns=0 dbk=Vikipedya:Laboros_lingüísticos/Fonemas -> Vikipedya:Laboros_lingüísticos/Fonemas
pagelinks from=9768 ns=0 dbk=Vikipedya:Laboros_lingüísticos/Lexhicología -> Vikipedya:Laboros_lingüísticos/Lexhicología
pagelinks from=9768 ns=0 dbk=Vikipedya:Laboros_lingüísticos/Ortografía_fonémica -> Vikipedya:Laboros_lingüísticos/Ortografía_fonémica
pagelinks from=7724 ns=0 dbk=Vikipedya:Lista_de_artikolos_ke_la_Wikipedia_en_judeo-espanyol_deberiya_tener -> Vikipedya:Lista_de_artikolos_ke_la_Wikipedia_en_judeo-espanyol_deberiya_tener
pagelinks from=7724 ns=0 dbk=Vikipedya:Ortografía_Fonémica_Escogida -> Vikipedya:Ortografía_Fonémica_Escogida
pagelinks from=8422 ns=0 dbk=Vikipedya:¿De_qué_enrejistrar? -> Vikipedya:¿De_qué_enrejistrar?
pagelinks from=1542 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Arjentina -> Portal:Arjentina
pagelinks from=1542 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Chile -> Portal:Chile
pagelinks from=6107 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Espanya -> Portal:Espanya
pagelinks from=17242 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Espanya -> Portal:Espanya
pagelinks from=1542 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Fransia -> Portal:Fransia
pagelinks from=1530 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Israel -> Portal:Israel
pagelinks from=6093 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Israel -> Portal:Israel
pagelinks from=6465 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Israel -> Portal:Israel
pagelinks from=17287 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Izrael -> Portal:Izrael
pagelinks from=13389 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Judaism -> Portal:Judaism
pagelinks from=1542 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Kolombia -> Portal:Kolombia
pagelinks from=6258 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Komunidad -> Portal:Komunidad
pagelinks from=6270 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Komunidad -> Portal:Komunidad
pagelinks from=6280 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Komunidad -> Portal:Komunidad
pagelinks from=1542 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Meksiko -> Portal:Meksiko
pagelinks from=12437 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Meksiko -> Portal:Meksiko
pagelinks from=17221 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Meksiko -> Portal:Meksiko
pagelinks from=17223 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Meksiko -> Portal:Meksiko
pagelinks from=17238 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Meksiko -> Portal:Meksiko
pagelinks from=1542 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Peru -> Portal:Peru
pagelinks from=1542 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Suesia -> Portal:Suesia
pagelinks from=1542 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Venezuela -> Portal:Venezuela
redirect from=17238 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Meksiko -> Portal:Meksiko
33 links to fix, 33 were resolvable.

Looks good!

And now everything looks fine:

$ mwscript namespaceDupes.php --wiki=ladwiki
0 pages to fix, 0 were resolvable.

0 links to fix, 0 were resolvable.

Looks good!