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Save dialog too small after switching to diff and back again
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Steps to reproduce (tested in Firefox):

  1. Open a page in VE, change something.
  2. Click "Save", note that the size is correct.
  3. Click "Review your changes", and "Back to save".

Expected: The dialog should have the same size as in step 2.
Actual: It is smaller, using a scroll bar. It looks like the height stayed the same, but the width decreased. Or perhaps even the width stayed the same, but the scrollbar is there decreasing the usable width and thus making the scrollbar necessary.

step 2step 3

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Was the dialog less tall on the diff page?

Yes, the diff page had a smaller height and a larger width. When you get a diff that is longer than the save page, no scrollbar is shown when you return.

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I'm not seeing this problem, but the dialogue seems large enough to fit the entire wall of text with space to spare. If I make my window smaller, a scroll bar is present no matter what I do.

It seems like Schnark's screen size is right at a sweet spot where there's no scrollbar unless you make the dialogue slightly smaller. This is a legitimate issue, and the dialogue shouldn't resize, but it causing a practical issue is an edge case.

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