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Add support for JP2 files
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I was recently told that commons might find it useful to upload jp2 files, because some glams really like this format.

It would be very easy to add support to this to MW since image magick supports jp2, and in fact, we already support this in a sense, as PDFs often have embedded jp2 files which we already support decoding.

The only really question here I think, is how closely we have to validate that jp2 files are really jp2. The internet suggests that jpx (aka JPEG2000 part 2) files are sometimes mislabeled as JP2 (aka JPEG2000 part 1) files. JPX has less support than JP2 (although image magick claims to support both, I'm unsure how true that claim is), and there is more uncertainty about the patent situation with JPX. Which naturally leads to the question of if we should allow jpx, and if we don't, do we need to verify that jp2 files are really jp2 and not jpx. If we need to verify really jp2, there's a python script that does that at

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Something we should get clear: ingest only or hosting, raw serving or thumbnail conversion ?

I believe thumbnail conversion is what is wanted (Commons doesn't like formats they can't actually preview for vandalism. Most (all?) browsers do not have native jpeg2000 support).

Ultimately the question has to be put before the commons community in the usual fashion.

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We're triaging bugs this morning. Not pressing at the moment, but noting we've seen it.

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How can we heat this up? Would kicking off a Commons proposal make any difference?

I'm asking as I have been sitting on completing a mass upload of highly valuable images from the Biodiversity Heritage Library. I've been sitting on it so long, that the infrastructure of Commons and BHL has changed and I'll have to rewrite my scripts to get it working again. If I know jp2 is being implemented, I'll invest my volunteer time in sorting it out; otherwise, it may as well stay parked rather than accepting slightly inferior versions of images as jpegs on Commons, when users can find the better jp2 versions on the Internet Archive.

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yes, in addition some books are getting bounced at IAuploader for this reason (until IA starts converting to dejavu again)

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