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Break Math/texvc out of MediaWiki core into extensions
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Author: nickpj

Currently the math extension ships with MediaWiki core in the math/ directory. (I'm guessing this is because of historical easons?) However, this is unlike every other extension, which goes into extensions/.

Is there some particularly good reason why math needs to be available on every MediaWiki wiki? If not, could it be moved to extensions/ ?

Of course, I understand that this may be too hard to fix now, but the question might as well be asked.

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It predates the extension systems, and we haven't got round to it.

With the updated preferences system this should be easier to do now...

Mostly done on trunk (1.18) in r85706.

There's a few bits that still need to be moved out: messages, constants, and some legacy code using them in the message files.

nickpj wrote:

Nice one! :-) Thank you Brion, it's great to have this consistency. And given there have been some follow-up commits for the few bits, it might be possible to close this bug now (but I'm too out of the loop at the moment to say for sure).

I think we actually still need to push out the creation & updating of the 'math' table from core, unless it snuck in while I wasn't looking. :)

...and math table's broken out in r86741. Resolving FIXED> :D

Change 104991 had a related patch set uploaded by Physikerwelt:
Remove call to deprecated ParserOptions::getMath

Change 104991 merged by Physikerwelt:
Remove call to deprecated ParserOptions::getMath

For numerous likely regressions of the last patch, see bug 60997.