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Deploy latest zh-hans/hant translations for Wikilabels on wmflabs
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Shortly after Wikilabels was deployed for zhwiki (T116474), Wikipedians have discovered and fixed a mistranslation for "damaging" (translated as "vandalism"). This mistranslation affects label data adversely, as "vandalism" usually implies a "not good faith" option, and many Wikipedians would opt to not label newbies' damaging edits that way. Since nearly 4 months have passed since the fix, I figured that I should probably explicitly ask for a release just for fixing that.

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@Ladsgroup It seems that your previous solution of T154897 needs polish?!

Arthur2e5 renamed this task from Please pull and deploy the latest version of zh-hans/hant translations for Wikilabels on wmflabs to Deploy latest zh-hans/hant translations for Wikilabels on wmflabs.EditedApr 4 2017, 1:35 AM

I believe I am seeing simplified characters right now, so that itself is not a problem. I am currently using the gadget in a standalone popup window at

It takes time for translations from to the site, so you'll have to wait for next translation update by translatewiki's import bot.

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Looks like fixed with that PR. Closing.

Patience patience... Deletion not yet in effect for

Need to open a ticket on zhwp's VPT for some awful interactions between its CSS and labels' frame.

Apparently OAuth is broken with TypeError: mw.Uri is not a constructor TypeError: mw.Uri is not a constructor.

I checked OAuth again (if it's broken, it would be a serious problem) and It's working. Can you tell me how do you get this error? Are you using open proxies?

The changes are deployed now, please check and tell me.

Looks like plain old bad luck as it is working now (on the same computer with the same internet connection). Deployment verified, marking as resolved.