Consider not showing the visual diff option when creating pages (as there's no difference, it's just a green preview)
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When you create a new page, and click on "Review your changes" in the save dialog, instead of the usual diff just the generated wikitext is shown (as a diff would just show this wikitext to be added).
Since the visual diff has been introduced, it is possible to show this in visual format, too, but as there is no wikitext diff, this doesn't feel right, and the displayed visual diff is rather redundant: It shows one removal of an empty paragraph or such (which is wrong), and an insertion of everything else (which is just the content of the editing surface with a green background).
I don't think that the visual diff should be provided for page creations. The "Review your changes" in this case actually doesn't let you review your changes, but instead let's you review the wikitext generated by Parsoid.

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It's not that helpful - but the alternative is just disable half of the diff page (the user may still want to see the wikitext diff) which may look a little odd. It's also not inconceivable that they forgot they were creating the page from scratch.

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It may also be helpful to show the diff, even though it's somewhat empty, to keep the interface consistent and set the expectation with the user that there will be diffs there for their other edits.

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I want to just note that this is not true for some edits/users

What is not true? You're not replying to anyone, so it's not clear from what you've written. :-)

Sorry, never mind my misplaced comment :)