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Create and monitor Round2 consultation page
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Nuria added a comment.Apr 4 2017, 7:26 PM

Let's make sure wikistats banner points to this page before we start the consultation: (right now it links to Round1)

List of users retrieved by combining the first round ( with this query:

select user_name
   from mediawikiwiki.user
  where user_id in
        (select distinct rev_user_id
           from flowdb.flow_workflow
                    inner join
                flowdb.flow_tree_node       on workflow_id = tree_ancestor_id
                    inner join
                flowdb.flow_tree_revision   on tree_descendant_id = tree_rev_descendant_id
                    inner join
                flowdb.flow_revision        on tree_rev_id = rev_id
          where workflow_wiki='mediawikiwiki'
            and workflow_page_id in
                (select page_id
                  where page_namespace = 1
                    and page_title like 'Wikistats_2.0_Design_Project/RequestforFeedback/Round1%'

The result is this new page for mass contact:

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