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Request for static config file on the beta cluster returns a 403
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A request to returns a 403 (Forbidden) response. Is this intentional? It would be handy to be able to test remote config changes on the beta cluster before they hit production.

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That is defined in operations/mediawiki-config.

static/current/extensions is a symbolic link to /srv/mediawiki/php/extensions

/srv/mediawiki/php is mediawiki-config symbolic link /php. It points to the current version eg php-1.29.0-wmf.19 when beta uses php-master.

Extensions assets path is $wgExtensionAssetsPath = /w/extensions (forged from $wgResourceBasePath = '/w').

So instead of /static I think you should use /w/extensions. That is rewritten by Apache to point to /w/static.php which does the routing.


All the details are on the rather long T99096: Make Varnish cache for /static/$wmfbranch/ expire when resources change within branch lifetime

Thank you, @hashar! I've updated our team wiki to reflect this.