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A missing template (i.e. SL copy of the EN template - ?) freezes the translation
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I use Wikipedia Translation to translate the EN histology page to Slovenian. The translation process turns the Slovenian side into a practically Read-only mode, i.e. editing is not possible.

The reason for this must be the the help template ('''Histology'''{{refn|name=help|group=help|....) that afaik has no counterpart in the Slovenian wikipedia. This seems to be a generic problem with other language pairs as well. cf Talk page for content translation

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It's not necessarily missing. It actually exists at .

I do see something else here, however. To reproduce:

  • Try translating Alexander Graham Bell to Slovenian (code sl).
  • Translate the first paragraph, which includes the [N 3] note.
  • Observe:
  • Loading bouncing ball indicators don't d
  • There's a JavaScript error: ReferenceError: mwCustomEditButtons is not defined

With @Nikerabbit's help I found that this is a local problem in the Slovenian Wikipedia. See . A Slovenian Wikipedia administrator will be able to fix it. After it's fixed, this shouldn't happen any more.

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This is fixed now. I tested this template and it is loaded in translation without errors. Can you please try completing the translation?

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I am re-opening the issue. Reason:

The automated translation of histology does not freeze up any more. However, the request to create the target translation causes (the familiar) error

Publishing the translation elicited an error. Please try again. The error: Error converting HTML to wikitext: docserver-http: HTTP 400

Now it is a different kind of an animal: the source and target are fine when working within the translator frame - the translator side was frozen before the fix(es) above. It is just the final "create wiki page" button click that bombs without even trying to create or recreate the target page.

see my histology translation:

The same error comes up when test-translating (one sentence of) Alexander Graham bell:

Pri objavi prevoda je prišlo do napake. Prosimo, poskusi ponovno. Napaka: Error converting HTML to wikitext: docserver-http: HTTP 400

The issue about docserver error is being now taken care in T154116 . I am closing this ticket as the original issue has been fixed. Thanks.