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Update Notifications/Developer guide
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Although Echo has been significantly refactored over the past few years it doesn't look like any updates have been made to the Developer guide. Instead, an entirely new page was created at Having 2 pages with overlapping scope, but different information is confusing. Please merge these into 1 document and remove any information that is outdated.

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There are definitely too many pages here that overlap one another. And the sections are unclear/mixed. I'd propose that what we should clarify these pages by grouping everything in three sections, each of which would address a different audience. Like so:

'User help'

This should be all the info that explains how end users understand and navigate Notifications. I.e., most of the stuff in the "Documentation" section.

'Requesting a new notification'

This is for people who want a new notification but aren't going to program it. This would include all the material in Document a new notification type and the Design Guide.

'Technical guide'

For programmers, this would consolidate Create a new notification type and the current "Technical" section.

Although I support everything suggested by @jmatazzoni, the original scope of this request was just the developer documentation. Perhaps other tasks could be created for the User and Requesting documentation.