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Implement a <screenplay> tag for playscripts (and appropriate VisualEditor support)
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Currently, a lot of effort is needed to transcribe certain types of playscripts into mediawiki, mostly releated to specifc formatting.

Recently I found that there was some open source screenplay software called Trelby, which uses a very very simple format.

see the bottom of:-

Adding a screenplay tag to mediawiki which would allow use of this syntax with some tweaks would allow for scriptual material to be implemented much more quickly.
(The intended application is short scripts at Wikiversity.)

Trelby doesn't at the moment do Cue Styles, but I would hope that this is something a <screenplay> tag would be able to amend by changing the underlying CSS used.

Trelby itself, seem on the basis of the code to seems to be Python based, porting this to Mediawiki's PHP is beyond me, but maybe there is a comptent programmer about that may be able to consider this.

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Aklapper renamed this task from Wishlist: Implement a <screenplay> tag, (and appropriate Visual editior support). to Implement a <screenplay> tag for playscripts (and appropriate VisualEditor support).Apr 6 2017, 8:48 PM
ShakespeareFan00 reopened this task as Open.

A suitable extension exists.

I also independently implemented an "experimental" template family called "stagescript" on English Wikisource, (and which I am intending to test on some material at Wikiversity I wrote a while back.)

That leaves the issue of Visual Editor support for the extension or recognition of the template family, which is why this ticket remains open.

Please file new tickets for new requests and follow when doing so - thanks.