Set $wgCiteVisualEditorOtherGroup to true by default, and properly document it
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Basically citations probably aren't going to be terribly important to most wikis, even if they do have the extension installed, so having the citation menu in the general insert menu will make more sense for them. For projects where citations are much more important (such as wikipedia, wikibooks, and wikiversity, in the wikimedia configuration), the config allows them to move it out.

Essentially just swap the default in the extension. Apparently this won't even affect wikimedia because they're all specified anyway in the wm config.

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I'm not sure this is that valuable. If Cite is pointless for a wiki, why have it installed?

If it's pointless, it won't be installed. That's not what this is about - this is about the many wikis that do have cite available for use, but do not use citations as a primary editing feature. What I am asking for here is for VE's defaults to be changed to the same defaults of the wikimedia cluster: citation menu in the general insert menu unless told otherwise. $wgCiteVisualEditorOtherGroup = true unless overridden.

The listed wikis, wikipedia, wikibooks, and wikiversity, are the ones that override it here.