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Deleting a file which is on the shared repository doesn't properly update all the local links
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I often delete images which have been moved to Commons, and I've noticed that sometimes Wikimedia doesn't properly update pages to point to the new Commons URL.

While I don't know the codebase, I think I have a guess what might be happening: the process is misreporting the transclusions. In the attached image, notice how Commons points to the wrong local page for the transclusion.

pasted_file (578×797 px, 87 KB)

Meanwhile, on the local project, the image link is broken until I purge the page.


pasted_file (177×345 px, 14 KB)


pasted_file (172×330 px, 18 KB)

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The next action on this would be to conduct further technical investigation and scope the level of effort for potentially bugfixing.

Per grooming, @Cparle to create a spike subtask :)

Hi @Magog_the_Ogre

sometimes Wikimedia doesn't properly update pages to point to the new Commons URL

When you say 'sometimes' ... have you noticed any pattern? Does it just happen occasionally at random, or is it often?

Also ... did User:Magog_the_Ogre/PD_ineligible/2017_April_7-10 exist on enwiki once? Or has it always been a commons-only page?

It's always been a Commons-only page. I've been noticing the bugs for many months now, possibly over a year.

I'm not sure if it's related to the fact that local files are not updated to point to the Commons ones. But I definitely notice that if I delete a file, and refresh the local page on which it's transcluded, the image no longer appears until I do a purge.


As far as I can tell this bug has 2 separate parts, so I've created 2 separate sub-tickets

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