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Create a LDAP user for account Seanchen (Sean Chen)
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I am registered and login to Phabricator using my MediaWiki account However my LDAP User remain unknown on my profile

Could somebody help to create or sync my LDAP user?

I am waiting for the permission to working on the new repo request for Extension:CategoryWatch,
It is related to task T157966.



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Hi @Seanchen!
If this is about creating an LDAP/wikitech/Gerrit account which does not exist yet, anyone can do so.
If this is about connecting an LDAP account to Phabricator: You can connect an existing LDAP account by going to your "Personal account settings > Authentication > External Accounts" and adding LDAP there. However I don't see which problem that would solve? :)

(@Paladox: I don't see how anything here needs to be handled by SRE (yet) or is about our LDAP setup as everyone can create LDAP users anyway. Maybe LDAP-Access-Requests but that first needs clarification.)

Thanks @Aklapper,

I did created an account on wikitech. I just linked it to my MediaWiki account. Everything looks fine now. This task can be closed now.

thanks a lot for everybody's help.


Aklapper changed the task status from Resolved to Invalid.Apr 10 2017, 8:29 AM

Glad it works for you!