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Files in one category when they are categorized in another
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Hi everyone,
Some weeks ago I was organizing my uploads in Commons. Everything was perfect, but I had a problem with a category that already existed. This category was "Category:Photographs by User:Ivanhercaz" and I created "Category:Photographs by Ivanhercaz", so in the template to credit my work I change the category for make this change.

The problem have been that this files have not been moved in its majority. If we check Category:Photographs by User:Ivanhercaz we can see 408 photographs. The first photograph is Andreu i Daufi, VII Encuentro de Archiveros de Canarias 02.jpg, if we check its categories we can see the category "Photographs by Ivanhercaz" in the hidden categories section. But, if we check Category:Photographs by Ivanhercaz we only see 4 photographs.

It is very strange... I talk about it with another user with technical knowledge and he said me that the photographs will be correctly categorized because probably it was pending yet in the jobs queue. But it was some weeks ago, so I think that I have to report this to check what is go wrong in this case (that I imagine could it be recur in another cases).

What could be the problem? I have purged both categories, but it was in vain.


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@Ivanhercaz Purging the categories does not make any difference, because category membership is a property of the file pages themselves, not the categories. The solution is to either wait for the job queue to catch up, or to force it by performing a null edit to each file page. See

I performed a null edit to,_VII_Encuentro_de_Archiveros_de_Canarias_02.jpg, the file you specifically mentioned, and it is now appearing in the category.

Thank you for your answer and the information, Revent. Have you made a null edit in another files? Because I have entered again in both categories and now there are more in the new category and less in the old.

I am going to try to made a null edit with VisualFileChange, to make less heavy this task.


@Ivanhercaz I wrote a quick script to use the API to 'forcelinkupdate' the 400-odd files. It's nearly done now.

Revent claimed this task.

All done, and in the correct category now.