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CX2: Content syncing between ui and models
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CX2 has the seperation of translation unit data models and ui. Data is changed by translator in UI and need to get sync with data models. Data models does the translation unit adaptation. And that need to reflect in UI. This particular feature is so important for the application and the CX2 framework has not made it solid enough so far.
Ultimately when translation units are saved(or published), no content changes should be left unsaved. This task is to make this code solid enough and test.

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santhosh renamed this task from Content syncing between ui and models to CX2: Content syncing between ui and models.Apr 12 2017, 4:51 AM

Closing this since it is not relevant now since UI and Dm translation units share same DOM objects, just the data manipulation and UI manipulation is different. Hence there is no need to sync them when one change. But this should/will get disconnected in VE. VE maintains two different copies in different representations and syncs in regular intervals.