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FuzzyBot incorrectly shown as blocked on
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Special:Contributions/FuzzyBot on incorrectly says that the user is currently blocked, even though the latest entry is actually an unblock and Special:ListUsers/FuzzyBot does not say that the user is blocked.

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Nemo_bis renamed this task from Fuzzybot incorrectly shown as blocked on to FuzzyBot incorrectly shown as blocked on 20 2017, 3:58 PM
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We do have an unblock button, but the unblock doesn't make the warning go away.

I don't think T157508 is releated as FuzzyBot is a registered user account, whereas T157508 deals with anons.

Shouldn't this be marked as resolved? FuzzyBot is no longer marked as blocked.

Looking at the blocklist, there are 11 rows all by Jon Harald Søby from 2008. To completely get rid of all the rows, we need to try unblocking 11 more times. I suspect that all 15 users blocked by Jon Harald Søby on 9 July 2008 were merged into FuzzyBot by Nike the following day (the actual information is hidden from the log entries because of the use of RevisionDelete by the same admin). If so, then the rows must have came from blocks of users who originally had other usernames but were later merged into a single username.

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I kept unblocking until it gave an error.