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VisualFileChange.js gets "You cannot execute new requests without reloading this page".
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Hi everyone,
I am using VisualFileChange.js to make batch edits. In this moment I am working with a custom replace to add a template after another. It didn't works. When I execute the program appears a box with the title "What would you like to do next?" and inside:

Note: You cannot execute new requests without reloading this page.
But you can save your inputs into a profile. [It is a button]]
The inputs of the last executed requests are automatically saved.
Check your contributions
Reload this page

If I check my contributions, I don't see any new contribution. If I reload the page, with or without the link that the box gives me, it continues without working. I have tried many times. Could anyone help to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Iván

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Hi, I am afraid this needs to be discussed at instead.
User scripts, gadgets and templates are local features and managed independently on each wiki. Phabricator/Maniphest is used for MediaWiki, MediaWiki extensions, or server configuration. Hence closing this task as invalid.
If you'd like to debug the problem a bit more I'd recommend to check for potential JavaScript errors in the "Web Console" of the "Developer Tools" of your web browser.