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Cognate for Rhyme namespace?
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Suggestion made by the German community.

Could Cognate also work for the rhyme namespace? Or would it be more something for the phase with interwiki links in Wikidata?

Examples :

Event Timeline

That looks too complicated for Cognates.

You would need a template for each and every language, e.g.

  • Reim:%DE:LANG%:-%RHYME%
  • Annexe:Rimes en %FR:LANG% en \%RHYME%\

And not only a template, but also a list of all the languages in all the languages.
That's also assuming there is no special cases in a given language, e.g. one would write rhyme in /ir/, others /iʁ/ for the exact same rhyme.

That's a lot of work compared to keeping the interwikis.

Thanks for your input Darkdadaah :)

Declining this for now based on @Darkdadaah's comment.