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New special page for listing all Wikibase entities (PrefixIndex with nat-sorted Q-ids)
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Special:AllPages and Special:PrefixIndex aren't useful to show a namespace of Wikibase entities (for example, main namespace or Property) as all pages are ordered alphabetically (Q1 > Q10 > Q100 > Q1000 > Q102 > Q1025 > Q200 > Q5), not numerically (Q1 > Q5 > Q10 > Q100 > Q102 > Q200 > Q1000 > Q1025).

It would be useful:

  • to create a new Wikibase special page (named, for example, Special:ListEntities, similar to Special:ListProperties) to list all the entities ordered numerically by their IDs, or
  • to make Special:AllPages and Special:PrefixIndex order pages numerically by default when they list Wikibase entities.

See also T158108 and T107880 concerning order in Special:ListProperties.

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What is this actually useful for at this point? Wikidata has way too many items for this to really make sense imho.

This would be as useful (or useless) in Wikidata as any Special:AllPages or Special:PrefixIndex in a large Wikipedia. The few new possibilities related to IDs (for example, knowing what is the highest ID to get the current range of valid entity IDs in Wikidata, or easily infering the distribution of the Wikidata items or the percentage of unused IDs or redirects in a certain range) can be known by other methods (for the first example, by looking up in Special:NewPages, or, for the second example, by downloading and processing a complete dump or by sending tens of HTTP requests).

However, smaller MediaWiki-with-Wikibase installations does need to list the existing (few) items in order (as most basic MediaWiki-without-Wikibase installations need Special:AllPages or Special:PrefixIndex). The current task, which could have no greater impact for Wikidata than any other navigation/discovery tool, only tries to fix or replace the functionalities of Special:AllPages and Special:PrefixIndex that MediaWiki offers by default but Wikibase breaks because of using IDs instead of human-readable, customizable titles.

Krinkle renamed this task from List all entities in a Wikibase installation ordered numerically by ID to New special page for listing all Wikibase entities (PrefixIndex with nat-sorted Q-ids).Jun 24 2019, 3:46 PM