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Allow coordinators to flag applications for translation
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Applications for partner content will be coming in from many different languages. Coordinators will therefore need to have applications translated before they can make decisions. We can do this manually (i.e. with coordinator lists & email), or with machine translation, but ideally this would be done through the interface with other coordinators, through a system such as:

On an individual application page, account coordinators could flag the application as needing translation, and would select the relevant language from a drop-down list of available languages for translation (i.e. the list of languages for which we have an active translator). The coordinators who can speak that language would then receive a notification that they have translations waiting. They would add their translation, which would then show up on the application page for the coordinator to read.

Not a priority for the forseeable future, just an idea that I wanted to have written down.

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Another solution or component could be allowing users to list the languages they're comfortable conversing in. This would help coordinators explain/send instructions in an understandable way.

The effect will be lessened when we have proxy/bundle for most partners. Much less conversation will be required there.