Consider to re-label "Save changes"/"Publish changes" to be "Save & Publish"
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Based on a ~week long discussion in hewiki: Most users support changing the save button (locally) to "Save & Publish" [he: שמירה ופרסום] (rather than "Publish changes" [he: שמירת שינויים]).

The main points regarding the suggested change:

  • This is more clear and less confusing
  • It has similar length
  • Preserves the old name to some degree for older help pages.

Hewiki decided to update locally the Publishchanges message, but keeping consistency with other projects is important (and this was the main point against doing such change locally).

I believe such change may be relevant to other projects (and the pros/cons are not language specific), so we suggest that mediawiki to consider a similar change ("Publish changes" => "Save & Publish").

Please feel free to comment/share thoughts for/against such change and to edit the task itself to keep the summary of the discussion here up to date.

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It's weird to press a button that says "Publish changes" when posting a new section to a user talk page.

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Report from Facebook: some new users (in education programs) are reporting the "publish changes" button wording is "scary" and there's a request that it be changed to "save" in the Sandbox:

Note: Legal did not object to the button saying "Save and publish page" when I asked. The length of these words varies significantly by language, so I suspect that people with product/user experience considerations would not encourage the change.

Report from Facebook: some new users (in education programs) are reporting the "publish changes" button wording is "scary" and there's a request that it be changed to "save" in the Sandbox:

@Mvolz, thanks for this note. It appears that these students are accurately grasping the idea that they're making their changes available to the public. Their instructors may want to educate them about the non-private nature of their sandboxes: they are not just saving their drafts for later.

On the technical end, I believe that using different labels for different pages (especially if you wanted to restrict it only to pages named "/Sandbox") would be complicated.

I'm having this input again and again @Whatamidoing-WMF, and I'm educationg then on the public nature or their sandboxes. But still they understand that when they edit an article it should be publish, and when they edit their sandbox it would be "save". It's something that could encourage UX, because we (as experienced editors) are not aware of the slight difference between both types of edition.

Dutch community also received a report about the sandbox situation. Maybe the SandboxLink extension can be adjusted for that, as it has "sandboxlink-subpage-name".

Part of the reason that the button was changed to say "Publish" rather than "Save" was to make it clear to people that the edits they are making will be immediately going onto a public site. People are probably finding this scary because it is scary to have your changes put out publicly. Even changes to a sandbox are going live immediately. Changing the button to say something different to the sandbox could make it even less clear to people that changes to a sandbox are just as live and findable as changes to articles.

There are presently no plans to change this wording.