Consider to re-label "Save changes"/"Publish changes" to be "Save & Publish"
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Based on a ~week long discussion in hewiki: Most users support changing the save button (locally) to "Save & Publish" [he: שמירה ופרסום] (rather than "Publish changes" [he: שמירת שינויים]).

The main points regarding the suggested change:

  • This is more clear and less confusing
  • It has similar length
  • Preserves the old name to some degree for older help pages.

Hewiki decided to update locally the Publishchanges message, but keeping consistency with other projects is important (and this was the main point against doing such change locally).

I believe such change may be relevant to other projects (and the pros/cons are not language specific), so we suggest that mediawiki to consider a similar change ("Publish changes" => "Save & Publish").

Please feel free to comment/share thoughts for/against such change and to edit the task itself to keep the summary of the discussion here up to date.

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It's weird to press a button that says "Publish changes" when posting a new section to a user talk page.