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Judy PECL module not available in Tool labs, need to install it
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I'm currently running a bot written in PHP at the Continuous. In order to optimise the memory usage and avoid Out of memory errors (specially with with Arrays), I'm rewriting my bot script to use Judy, but I'm unable to install the PECL module from the Tool account shell.

Therefore, I need to install that module and/or make it available for everyone if possible.

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What is the error message you receive when you try to install the PECL module?

  • There is no php5-judy package available, so we cannot make it available in php directly -- the only solution is making sure you can build the PECL module.
  • If the error message is something along the lines of 'judy.h not found', it will probably be resolved if we install libjudy-dev globally.

Yes, there is not php5-judy, and it is only available from PECL. When I trying to install judy from PECL (in bastion), the following error appears:

$ pecl install judy
Cannot install, php_dir for channel "" is not writeable by the current user

that means I don't have permission to install it (at least from bastion), and I don't know if using an alternative php_dir will work at the bastion and the grid.

For now, should be a good idea to install libjudy-dev globally (in both the bastion and the grid) as you mentioned.

After trying to install from bastion to an alternative php_dir, I got phpize missing, and php5-dev is required for that.