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JS Error: Value null is the wrong type for property "totalInteractionTime"
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Popups fail with JS error: [Popups] Value null is the wrong type for property "totalInteractionTime" (integer expected)


Steps to reproduce:
hover over a link, wait for the popup to become visible, move mouse quickly out of popup and bring it back over a popup. It's an edge case, probably some race condition as it doesn't fail every time.

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Any theories?

The issue still exists on beta cluster.

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This is an edge case.

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phuedx added a comment.EditedMay 4 2017, 11:10 AM

This is due to being unable to distinguish between a LINK_DWELL being dispatched by a link hover or a preview hover. When we dispatch the latter, we can't/don't include the link element that the user is dwelling on.

This can be fixed in one of three ways:

  1. Distinguish LINK_DWELL for a preview hover by testing if action.el is set, e.g.
var isPreviewDwell = action.el === undefined;

if ( state.interaction && ( isPreviewDwell || action.el === ) ) {
  // Mark the user as dwelling.
  1. Feeding the link element through to ext.popups.Renderer#show much like we do with the token.
  2. Creating a new action, PREVIEW_DWELL and reducing it as above.
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I cannot reproduce it any more

Not possible to reproduce, as @phuedx says it's probably fixed by rEPOP293d7ebe8dd84880cb8e7e8163d7d908e48baf21

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I also cannot re-produce the issue even after checking out cf0ea9db7bdede6a1062962b362398f10aed7a5f.