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Enter button in Renameuser form has wrong behaviour
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After entering all the fields in Special:Renameuser, then pressing "Enter", I (and presumably everybody else) would expect that it leads to renaming the user, but insteads it has the same effect as clicking the "Block log" button in the same form. The behaviour should be changed to the same as clicking the "Rename user" button.

(Also, as an aside: Would it be possible to add accesskey="s" to the "Rename user" button?)

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Moved the block log button down in r35625 so it doesn't interfere with the normal order of operations.

It's still kind of weird and strange being in there as a button at all *shrug*.

As for the aside -- afaik we haven't gone around changing every other form in the system to add an accesskey on some of the buttons, so not sure I'd be inclined to do so. :)