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Math formulas are not rendering in preview page dialogs
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There is an page preview boxes on russian wiki site. On those boxes math symbols are not rendering correctly, so it displayed as some ANSI symbols within text tag {\displaystyle}. At the same time all the math symbols and formulas displayed correctly if just open the page by the link. So the issue is only to this preview page dialog. This issue may be reproduced on another language versions on which preview page dialogs is also in use.

Environment: Win 7 x64 sp1, IE 11.0.20, FF 53.0 (32bit), Chrome 57.0.2987.133

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open some wiki page (on russian site), e.g.
  2. Hover mouse over the link to page with some math, e.g. look foor "комплексное число"

Actual Results: Math formulas are not rendering, so it displays as below:

"Ко́мпле́ксные чи́сла — числа вида {\displaystyle x+iy} x+iy, где {\displaystyle x} x и {\displaystyle y} y — вещественные числа, {\displaystyle i} i"

Expected Results: Math symbols & formulas should be displayed in rendered view

Wikipedia - Math formulas are not rendering on page preview dialogs.png (703×1 px, 140 KB)