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Interface errors on pfw-codfw:xe-15/0/0
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pfw-codfw:xe-15/0/0 has been showing input framing errors (see: )
The other side doesn't show issues, my guess is an optic on either side that needs to be re-seated or replaced.

Fixing it will cause that link to go down.
As the link is idle most of the time and has a xe-6/0/0 as backup, we should be able to disable the BGP session going over xe-15/0/0 and safely shift the traffic over.
@faidon do you confirm the above?

@Jgreen does this need to be scheduled with you or anytime is fine?

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If we're just talking about a <1m traffic hiccup then it's fine to do

To clarify, that's on Node1, which might be named pfw2-codfw, ( AJ5112AA0049 ) FPC0, PIC0.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2017-04-24T15:09:30Z] <XioNoX> disabling the bgp session between pfw-codfw and cr2 for T163447

Interface replaced on pfw and BGP re-enabled.

Stress test done with Jeff, no more issues.