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SocialProfile does not allow access to avatar images when using img_auth.php
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When using the extension, Social Profile avatars show correctly, until img_auth.php is used in the $wgUploadPath variable. After this, images no longer show. This is on a private wiki.

I am using MW 1.28 with Social Profile from the same release branch.

Happy to provide further details.

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ashley triaged this task as Lowest priority.Oct 29 2017, 11:01 AM
ashley added subscribers: SamanthaNguyen, ashley.

img_auth.php + SocialProfile (and/or any other social tools for that matter) is largely an untested (and therefore mostly unsupported) combination, given that the social tools were originally built for a public wiki.
I'll be more than happy to review any and all patches related to this, but neither I nor @SamanthaNguyen are actively working on this, hence setting the priority on this ticket as "lowest".