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Allow adding anonymous users to the editor list
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I'm testing the Dashboard for various test cases. Today I added one of the Thematic Weeks from Polish Wikipedia (WP:TT; specifically this one) to test whether the tool could be used to simplify their organisation. Sadly, it turns out one cannot add an anonymous user to the editor list (aka IP), even though they can sign in to such competitions on-wiki. Could this be corrected? Or is there a workaround?

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That's not something I've ever considered before. It might be pretty difficult, as the current system uses user accounts as the basis for importing all revisions. I'll add it to the wish list, though.

Thanks. Could be useful not only for Polish Wikipedia, where some anons are long-time editors, using the same IP consistently. From what I remember, on Japanese wiki a large part of all users are anons.

Technically, wiki reports user contributions regardless of whether it's an account or a faux-account by the name of an IP address. Is it different on the backend side?