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cewbot using '* * * * *' cron that could be replaced with .bigbrotherrc
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* * * * * /usr/bin/jstart -N cron-tools.cewbot-IRC -mem 3g -once -quiet /shared/bin/node /data/project/cewbot/wikibot/IRC/IRC-recorder.js

This could be replaced with:

jstart -N cron-tools.cewbot-IRC -mem 3g -once -quiet /shared/bin/node /data/project/cewbot/wikibot/IRC/IRC-recorder.js

The benefit for converting to bigbrother is that the shared long running bigbrother process will check periodically (about every 30s) for the job without adding any new cron or job grid process creation to perform the check.

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Maybe unrelated but maybe @Kanashimi should ensure that such IRC logger ain't run on any channel where logging is not authorized. Probably needless to say but still :-)

Kanashimi claimed this task.