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Handle duplicate place labels
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Right now it's fairly common for a place to be in OSM twice, once as a node, and once as an area, typically on a boundary relation. This leads to city/town/etc labels sometimes being rendered twice on the map. Removing area rendering is not a good option, because this would leave some cities unrendered.

Options that come to mind are

  • Fixing OpenStreetMap Carto so it renders place areas (see
  • Deduplicating place labels in the vector tiles with SQL (some kind of SELECT DISTINCT ON ...)
  • Deduplicating place labels in Mapnik (some of the label buffer-related options)
  • Ignoring it for now

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Pnorman created this task.Apr 25 2017, 7:29 PM
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There's been some movement in, but I'm pulling this out of the requirements of moving to a new structure

Pnorman closed this task as Declined.Jul 3 2018, 4:39 PM

There's been some movement in, but as we're not deploying the new style, it no longer matters.

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