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Evaluate the current Search Filters
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In both tests, most users went to the Saved tab to find their saved articles and did not expect or express any desires to see their saved articles on a map

The search filters were conceived of as a tool for users who wanted to view specific types of articles on the map. Originally this list included 'Saved articles,' 'Top read (default)' and 'In the news,' but was cut back to 'Saved,' and 'Top.'

Ideally however, we would like to be able to include a broader range of search filters by article type / genre (eg. museums, buildings, statues, restaurants, etc but currently do not have sufficient data to support this) as well as the ability to view reading lists on the map (however reading lists have not been introduced on iOS yet).

Since visibility and usability problems have been noted for the search filters, do we want to pull search filters for now until we can support more of the use cases and features described above?

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Closing this ticket as resolved.

I'd like to propose that we keep the feature as currently implemented. Although the current design is under utilized, it is not causing usability issues for users or disrupting user workflows. Additionally this feature as currently implemented has the added side benefits of increasing search visibility as well as creating a space to communicate the default search filter of 'Top read' to users.

Furthermore, there is a desire to create a more robust set of search filters in the future, which would be built off of the current feature.

Yeah, I agree with this conclusion. Its not as useful as we hoped, but its also not problematic. We have bigger issues to improve in search now, and this is a great feature to gradually make better through adding more filters and expanding the Saved pages/itinerary story via Reading Lists.