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Phabricator confirmation e-mail never arrives for @Raimund-Liebert-WMAT, leaving the account unable
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I am behalf this on behalf of @Raimund-Liebert-WMAT.

He created his Phabricator account via OAuth login. After logging-in, the system asks him to confirm his e-mail address. He tried so repeatedly, but the confirmation e-mail never arrives. We double-checked the e-mail address and it is correct. We did check spam folder. One of his colleagues (@Annemarie.Buchmann) used the same e-mail provider, which potentially rules out the e-mail server refusing it.

We are a bit at loss. Would it be possible to check on Phabricator side whether the problem might be there?

Thanks :)

Interestingly, there is close to nothing you can do without a verified e-mail address − including changing it in your settings (as noted in T124351 and others), but also having the search bar to look through Phabricator for similar tasks ;-)

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JeanFred created this task.Apr 26 2017, 9:31 AM
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(Tentatively tagging @mmodell as the Phahb expert − do feel free to remove yourself :)

Phabricator has a bug, see and though you said that he didn't receive the email so i doint think it's that one.

@mmodell can manually verify that account with bin/auth verify

I just clicked "send welcome email" to attempt re-sending the message. If it still isn't working, let me know and I'll dig deeper.

Could @Raimund-Liebert-WMAT provide feedback if this helped? For example via email to me?

Thanks @mmodell and @Aklapper − I asked Raimund but il looks like that did not help :-(

Meh, tried sudo /srv/phab/phabricator/bin/auth verify @Raimund-Liebert-WMAT on iridium but I don't have sufficient permissions.

Not sure what went wrong (and if worth to investigate) but maybe @mmodell could just verify it and we can close this task?

@Agruwie likely had the same problem (assuming Raimund also used a address).

@Aklapper: The auth verify command requires the email address rather than username. Do you know @Agruwie's email? I suppose I can look it up.

Provided via private email.