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Request for shell access on beta cluster
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I am wanting to test the maintenance script in on the beta cluster before it gets run on production, and for that, I would need shell access. If were to get merged, I'd want to test that on beta as well.

I'm not really sure what the requirements are in order to be granted this access. Ordinarily I would poke someone who already has these rights to do the testing, but I get a bit tired of being dependent on everyone else to do my work for me :)

See also T128130: Grant Amir "ladsgroup" Sarabadani shell access to beta cluster - Amir suggested on IRC that I file this request in this way.

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Actually may not need this...

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2017-05-04T07:30:27Z] <hashar> deployment-prep: adding TTO (This, that and the other) as a project member to grant shell access - T163887

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I am fine with that given all the activity you are conducting, you will probably need shell access at one point anyway.

Please try to at least idle in IRC channel #wikimedia-releng. Do !log activity in that channel. And overall try to not break things since that is a shared platform :-]

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Thanks @hashar. I'll be sure to follow that advice!