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Author: conrad.irwin

When trying to upload some of the per-language indices I have generated locally, I get a null response from the server, there doesn't seem to be an error message, just a blank screen. (I've been trying to save the text at to )

Also, when trying to view some of the indices I have managed to upload I get a null response from the server, ( ). It is interesting to note that some people are able to see the history of the page, and some are able to see a purged version of the page, however this seems intermittent.

Most of the pages similar to this are fine and work properly ( ).

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conrad.irwin wrote:

Oops, I forgot to mention that the example given (Index:English/a) will not "Show preview" when I try to edit the en.wikipedia or en.wiktionary sandboxes, however it would "Show preview" on en.wikibooks, en.wikiversity and en.wikisource. It also worked fine at

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Is this issue still current?

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conrad.irwin wrote:

Yes, though it now displays a Wikimedia Foundation error message instead of just a blank page.

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can't reproduce. closing as works for me.

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