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Identify high-use gadgets and js-scripts
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Create an overview which gadgets and userscripts are used most often and check how well they maintained. This is the first part of the wish "Identify high-use gadgets and ensure that they have proper long-term maintenance" from the 2016 Community Wishlist Survey.

  1. part: grab the statistics for gadget-usage & clean them from artifacts
  2. part: Download all common.js pages and search for the most common lines (imports).
  3. part: Gather background info (how maintains the code) and present the results nicely on a Wikipage.

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What's the relation to T158462 here? Subtask? Duplicate?

What's the relation to T158462 here? Subtask? Duplicate?

It is a subtask of T158462 that I'll try to do at the hackathon.

Sorry – forgot to document results. This are the most used user-scripts in dewiki:

210 User:APPER/WikiHistory.js
 70 User:TMg/autoFormatter.js
 59 User:Schnark/js/artikel-statistik.js
 56 User:Schnark/js/personendaten.js/normdaten.js
 47 User:Euku/Mentorenprogramm.js
 42 User:TMg/cleanDiff.js
 40 User:Christoph Fischer (WMDE)/Gadgets/DeepCat.js
 36 User:Schnark/js/virtuelleEinzelnachweise.js
 35 User:Schnark/js/personendaten.js
 33 User:Schnark/js/bkl-check.js

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