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No more working redirection
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Author: arno.raymond.lagrange

The formerly redirection to gives an internal server error 500.

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Severity: enhancement



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We don't own the domain; it seems to be currently owned by a Patricia Berrocal in Costa Rica.

If we owned it in the past, it presumably expired and was squatted.

arno.raymond.lagrange wrote:

Haĥ, bedaŭrinde, ĉar ĝi plu aperadas tie dise. Mi tion ĵus konstatis ĉar iu provizas tiun ligilon el sia blogo.

arno.raymond.lagrange wrote:

  1. opens a "Costa Rica Directory" website


  1. sends a 500 server error

Does Wikimedia own this domain name (2) ?

overlordq wrote:

Brion already mentioned that no, they don't own that domain.

overlordq wrote:

Just because the whois says Wikimedia does not imply that the WMF controls or owns the domain. Given that the phone number is not a US phone number, and the contact email is hotmail, *AND* Brion said they do not control that domain, the logical conclusion is that:

They don't own that domain.

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

@comment #6: Yes, we know!
But there is just a problem, wanting to be fixed.
And given contact information of comment #5 may just help.

overlordq wrote:

Bugzilla is for bugs in mediawiki the software, it's extensions, or the wikipedia site itself, not problems with 3rd party websites.