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Figure out size cutoff for water labels
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Conventionally a minimum size is used for picking features to label based on the number of pixels. This works well for most cases (e.g. buildings) because features below a certain size are too small to label and those above that size are significant enough that they need labeling.

This does not work well for water which tends to have long curvy areas like rivers that have lots of pixels but shouldn't be labeled.

pasted_file (720×323 px, 27 KB)

The river in this case is >1024 pixels, but labeling it would be absurd.

I think there are three relevant cases

  • A mostly straight river aligned with its bounding box
  • A mostly straight river not aligned with its bounding box
  • A not straight river

pasted_file (189×467 px, 4 KB)

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Pnorman renamed this task from Figure out size cutoff for labels to Figure out size cutoff for water labels.Apr 30 2017, 2:18 AM
Pnorman removed a parent task: T153408: Add lake names.

Implemented water names without this, rivers are excluded. Related to T153409: Rotate lake names for long lakes

This was part of the new style work which isn't getting done.