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Generate upload log entry when duplicate file uploaded
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Author: Eugene.Zelenko

I think will be good idea to generate upload log entry when duplicate file uploaded.

I this case such uploads will be visible to admins and automatic bot processing will be possible without traversing all files.

See also T16171 for other useful application of such logging.

See Also:
T16171: Allow Special:FileDuplicateSearch to match against previously deleted images
T21565: Add more variables to AbuseFilter file uploading evaluation



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How do you define a "duplicate"? By checksum?
Which exact "upload log" (URL) does this refer to?

Eugene.Zelenko wrote:

I think checksum is best way to find duplicate.

I meant type=upload for log.

Could duplicate file detection be done in AbuseFilter, which would allow logging, and pre-programmed management? It appears it has the sha as a variable. See