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Expansion of robots.txt
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Author: bdamokos

Please include in the robots.txt the following lines, so that Hungarian Wikipedia's deletion discussions are not indexed:
Disallow: /wiki/Wikipédia:Törlésre javasolt lapok
Disallow: /wiki/Wikipédia:Törlésre javasolt lapok/

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Severity: enhancement



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bdanee88 wrote:

What about these two lines? It would be a very big help, as there were many complains about the top position of these deletion requests in Google.

darklama wrote:

This is probably a WONTFIX. Use the new NOINDEX magic word inside a template used on all those pages to achieve the desired behavior.

bdanee88 wrote:

Why a wiki workaround with templates and magic words better that inserting two, t-w-o lines of code to robots.txt? I think the second version is 1) use less resources (not as many as turning off for example the thumbnail gererator, but less), 2) not need of continuous inserting of templates.

ayg wrote:

I don't think there are plans to freeze robots.txt and require communities to use NOINDEX. However, this kind of request gets done very slowly. You would just have to add NOINDEX to [[hu:Sablon:Törlés teteje]] to make almost all of them noindexed right away (assuming that's used consistently).

jeluf wrote:

You can create a custom robots.txt by editing the page Mediawiki:robots.txt on your wiki.

Changing all WONTFIX high priority bugs to lowest priority (no mail should be generated since I turned it off for this.)