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Add a feature similar to Citation Hunt for selecting which categories the pages are from
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One of the issues that we learned with Citation Hunt: once people could pick topics they were interested in, they had a higher likelihood of feeling confident in their edits: . This could make the tool easier to use for campaigns. I believe much of the backend, by WikiProject anyway, was via @Harej

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@Samwalton9 wow, awesome! that's a big one.

Don't get too excited - only set up the form for it so far!

Need to think about how best to implement this. We could do a very simple implementation of just grabbing the top-level articles from a particular category, but that wouldn't lend itself to a great user experience. Or we could get articles from a category and the few sub-categories below it, but again not ideal. Or we could generate lists from WikiProjects, which is harder but perhaps a better approach.

WikiProjects seem to encode the sort of information we are after, indeed. And there are categories for them, so it might be possible to use that with the API…

By the way, I think the current method to ingest and cache citations is flawed: it relies on browsing the pages "linked to" CS1, but scrolling through this list is quite brittle. Maybe it'd be better to use the SQL replicas, or even a dump (especially if we want to try parsing free-form citations…)

@Harej helped set this up for citation hunt, he might have some suggestions.

Oh yeah - I hadn't noticed that WikiProjects have 'all article' style categories (; that definitely simplifies things. A simple implementation would be to make a basic list of topics, their WikiProjects, and their 'all articles' category, and then display the topics. Interested to hear how Citation Hunt did it though :)